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market analysis for brown fused alumina

Number of visits:2908 Date:2013-4-16 9:44:07

since june in 2010, unit price of brown fused alumina continuously has been rising up already till today.then what's pushing up the price of brown fused alumina ?


to sum up, it mainly focus on following aspects:


1). raw material to produce brown fused alumina bauxite

in china, all bfa plants needs high quality bauxite (al2o3 >85% /sio2 <5%). with the rapid development of our government industry, these high quality bauxite becomes limited, obviously bauxite price is 50 percent in bfa costs then it will influent bfa price directly.


2).coal price keeps towards trends now, it caused the bfa costs to be higher and as we know most of bfa plants use hard coal / coke as reducing agent.


3). graphite electrode goes up since the earlier of 2010.


4). iron fillings is growing up, its unit price now is much higher than last year.


5). increased industrial power brings great pressure to BFA manufacture costs. BFA depends on power to make energy transfer for melting the material, after series of chemical reactions under high temperature to be brown fused alumina products. power costs has account for 50% - 60% in BFA producing, therefore industrial power should be the most important factor to make brown fused alumina rising price


6). since this october, our government makes a new policy “saving energy & reducing pollution”


as a result, melting furnaces of BFA has been almostly stopped and price of BFA in china now is much unstable, keeps rising up day by day.