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The Silicon Nitride powder, gray, is new material which produces under the specific high temperature and high pressure, the main component of it is Silicon Nitride. It occupies 80% --97.5% of the total Ingredient, The products of different purity and composition can be produced to satisfy users need.It is divided into alpha and beta types, with the alpha type mainly used as powder material for moldings, and the beta type used as fillers to improve wear resistance/thermal conductivity of resins, etc.

Principal Characters :

(1) Fine corrosion and erosion-resistance, thermal shock resistance, wear-resistance; it can be employed under the temperature of 1900 Celsius degrees.

(2) Fine disintegration resistance, rather stable chemical ingredient and thermal conductivity.

(3) For containing nitride, this product possesses the properties of little expansion ratio, high thermal conductivity, high degree of firmness, non-contractive when heating up.

(4) High intensity and durable.

(5) Under high temperature, an oxide film will develop on the surface, so as to protect inner material from being  affected by chemical reactions.

Typical Uses :

1, Through the use of the blending of the product and other materials together,will serve as an effective sintering  activation, therole of corrosion resistance and anti-splitting effect, so the material can be used in the high corrosion  products.

2, Through the blending of the material and other materials together, the way will be applied to the furnace or electric furnace will enable a more stable blast furnace mouth closure is good, and very easy to cut.

3, The nitrogen in the product as an additive used in steel-making, which can simplify the number of different regulatory treatment, especially in the powder product has high nitrogen composition and efficient. it can serve as a very good nitrogen additive.

4, The powder of the product by adding other materials, will help to greatly enhance the sintering.

5, Due to refractoriness of the SI3N4, and other fine features can be applied to any kind of refractories.

6,It is also a highly efficient production of abrasive grinding of materials and refractories. Product smelting and stainless steel, special alloy smelting, special refractories, defense industry, electronic industry and other smelting, casting industry.

Note  :Users need to be adjusted according to composition and particle size.